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How much is Dyson share price? £4million? (Included a Dyson valuation Excel template)

dyson share price - jcinus

  Valuation of Dyson share price by using PER   Dyson is a British technology company founded in 1991 by James Dyson. It designs and manufactures home electric appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hairdryers, bladeless fans, heaters and lighting. It is a global company beyond the UK that has expanded to Asia, Europe, […]

Stock Price Valuation with Intrinsic PBR and Regression

Excel Template to compare the PBR of Tesla and Toyota and the market valuation of Telecom companies   This Excel pricing model is primarily divided into two parts. The first part is the PBR valuation for Tesla and Toyota, and the second part is the stock price valuation for six telecom companies listed in the […]

Evaluating the Deal Value of Dell’s MBO with EV/EBITDA

Acquisition valuation

Background This Excel template provides a method to value private companies and M&A by using EV/EBITDA. It took the M&A deal of Dell Computer as an example. In 2013, Michael Dell succeeded in the MBO on Dell Computer. At that time, Skylake Private Equity Fund and Microsoft participated helped him as equity co-investors. And more […]

Excel valuation template for early-stage with ‘VC Method’

Background This financial model describes how to value early-stage firms using VC-method when fundraing from a venture capital. It alsoo shows how to calculate the share ratio between existing shareholders and investors. Furthermore, when planning 2nd round fundraising in the future, it explains what variables you should consider if the existing owner wants to maintain […]

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