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Deliveroo share price 247! Use Price to Sales Ratio.

Price to Sales Ratio

  Price to Sales ratio and EV/Sales ratio (Case study: share value analysis for Deliveroo, Just Eat and Delivery Hero)   Definition of Price to Sales Ratio (PSR or PS ratio)   PS ratio (PSR, Price to Sales Ratio) is a sales multiple in the relative valuation method. It tells how many times the share […]

Tesla PB ratio 36.3, Toyota 1.3! How to interpret this?

PB ratio - jcinus

  Understanding PB ratio (PBR) and comparing the stock price between Tesla and Toyota   What is the PB ratio (Price to Book Value Ratio)?   PB ratio (PBR, Price to Book Value Ratio) refers to how many times the book value of a company’s equity capital is evaluated in the market.   Investors will […]

EV/EBITDA 12! How should it be interpreted in acquisition valuation?

Acquisition valuation

  EV/EBITDA and Acquisition valuation – Case Analysis for Dell Computer   Why is EV/EBITDA suitable for acquisition valuation?   EV/EBITDA is a relative valuation method suitable for acquisition valuation.   That is because EV considers not only the equity value that the buyer should pay to the original owners but also the debt value […]

How much is Dyson share price? £4million? (Included a Dyson valuation Excel template)

dyson share price - jcinus

  Valuation of Dyson share price by using PER   Dyson is a British technology company founded in 1991 by James Dyson. It designs and manufactures home electric appliances such as vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, hairdryers, bladeless fans, heaters and lighting. It is a global company beyond the UK that has expanded to Asia, Europe, […]