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How to do present value calculation easier?

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  The Basic of DCF Model (Discount Cash Flow): Present Value Calculation of Future Cash Flows   The present value calculation formula It is essential to convert future cash flows into today’s value for business valuation. The value of $100 that companies create today is different from $100 expected in five years.   Cash flows […]

Business valuation methods – types and practical use

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  The methods for valuation of a company   Valuation Methods You can classify company valuation methods by several criteria. One of the criteria is to classify them based on whether you value the target company with its own financial status or its comparable companies’ market prices. The former is called the absolute valuation (or […]

What are the roles of company valuation?

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  Company valuation for investment decision making   Company valuation purpose   Company valuation is an essential task to evaluate the current price level or to determine the initial market price. Let’s look at the formula below to see how important company valuation is.   Return on investment = Pt / P0 P0: Purchase price […]