Please contact us if you have any questions about M&A advisory and corporate valuation services.


Our specialists provide corporate valuation services and M&A transaction advisory.



Valuation consulting

We are specialists in corporate valuation. We value the company by taking into account its position on the lifecycle curve, its sector, and valuation purpose and using the most appropriate methodology.


Sell-side M&A advisory

We are well-connected with Korea large companies and funds. You can successfully sell your assets at a competitive price through our network.


Buy-side M&A advisory

We can provide acquisition advisory of a Korea company for your growth. We know well about Korean business and environments. We can also provide a good negotiation plan to buy the target asset at a competitive price.


M&A strategy consulting

To find our client’s growth factors, we can offer a fabulous M&A plan by analysing the client’s adjacent businesses and sourcing the target assets.


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