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We specialise in finding good Korean partners for clients wishing to advance into Asia.

Cross-border M&A solutions between the UK and Korea

We provide our clients with the following M&A solutions:

  • Capital raising from Korean strategic and financial investors.
  • Building up a joint venture with one of them.
  • Selling your assets or business.
  • Acquisition of Korean companies.

Creation of Growth Capital Fund

We create a growth capital fund from Korean strategic and financial investors to invest in growth companies with high potential. Many Korean investors are looking for new investment opportunities, and we are well-linked to them.

You will also gain a chance to advance into to Asian market because most Korean investors have a good infrastructure in other Asian countries. We will value your business on your side and market it to them.

Sell-side M&A advisory

You will successfully sell your assets or shares to large or listed Korean companies. They are seeking attractive investment opportunities, and we have a strong network with them. You will make the deal successful and exit from your assets at a reasonable price through our strong network.

We can successfully sell your assets with our three powerful strengths.
First, we are financial specialists. Our professionals are proficient in company valuation and writing an Information Memorandum. It is vital to prove the asset value to investors. Second, we can market your assets to good and large investors in South Korea. We know many investors in South Korea. Finally, we have experienced many types of deals across different industries. We can build the best deal structure for you.

Buy-side M&A advisory

You can diversify your product or business portfolio by acquiring a Korean company. We have been sourcing deals ranging from $5 million to $100 million through our pipelines in the fields of Bio and Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Auto Parts, Logistics, Consumer Products, Beauty, and Technologies.

“You will achieve synergistic portfolio expansion through our M&A deal origination service.”
Our competencies will help you successfully acquire a business. We are all valuation specialists. You will take over a target at a reasonable price. In addition, we have excellent negotiation skills to persuade the counterpart to our advantage with firm logic. Decisively, we are proud that we can build an elaborate strategy before and after M&A deals. By planning thorough takeover strategies, you will clarify the justification of the deal and lower the takeover risks.

Joint venture

You can also set up a joint venture with a Korean strategic investor when you have good technology and corresponding intellectual property rights. You invest your technology in a new company, and a Korean company will invest capital. 
Depending on the negotiation, you can raise funds for your company and set up a joint venture.

JCinus advises you on everything involved in the process:

  1. We get into an advisory contract after understanding your technology and building a potential structure
  2. We market your technology to strategic investors in Korea.
  3. Our advisory begins when some of them recognise your attractiveness and want to partner.
  4. We negotiate all the conditions to set up a joint venture with a potential Korean partner on your behalf.
  5. Our advisory will be successful when you set up a joint venture with a Korean company under the conditions you allow.

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