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Online corporate valuation and M&A advisory

JCinus specialises in online company valuation service, M&A deal origination, and cross-border M&A advisory.
We also provide the best online education about M&A transactions.



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  • We provide the most outstanding corporate valuation service. You will get the best quality of an analytical valuation report for your purpose.
  • We provide acquisition advisory to corporate clients seeking to advance into Korea. We are the best to find suitable companies located in Asia, including Korea.
  • We also provide sales advisory to corporate clients who want to sell a company or assets. You will be able to sell them to one of the large Korean companies on favourable terms.


Our experts are all professionals who have obtained CFA or CPA certifications and have experience in private equity funds or investment bankings. We have offices in Manchester, UK and Seoul, Korea.



JCinus also provides the best quality of M&A transaction education and a professional M&A blog.


You can increase your sense of investment by learning ‘practices’ and analysing ‘cases’ according to each procedure of the M&A deal process as follows;


Step 1: M&A valuation

  • Valuation is the first step in corporate value-up strategies. It explains using famous companies as examples so that you can apply the methods soon in practice.
  • It shows you how to apply different valuation methods in specific situations, including prior knowledge.
  • Valuation is ultimately performed in Excel. You can download the Excel financial modelling templates to understand the logic.


Step 2: M&A transaction practice

  • You can learn deal sourcing methods, deal process, and due diligence with examples in detail.
  • You will figure out LBO’s (Leveraged Buyout) structure and procedures, accounting for 60% of the M&A markets.


Step 3: PMI (Post-Merger Integration)

  • Rapid integration after M&A is essential for successful corporate value enhancement.
  • Examine the success factors of PMI and learn the three-step integration process.
  • A sample of ‘PMI reports’ makes it easy to understand the integration process’s big picture.


Step 4: Investment analysis and M&A case study

  • Investment Report: You will learn investment analysis methodology and report writing to improve ROI (Return On Investment).
  • M&A case studies: Analyse the case analysis of the famous M&A deals and identify their success factors.
  • Valuation Excel financial model: Learn how financial specialists value firms using elaborate Excel templates.


Step 5: M&A networking (Under developing)

  • You can share your M&A deal information privately or publicly through emails or messages among registered members.
  • Registered members can play either buy-side or sell-side roles by using the ‘Deal Board’.



The following types of professionals visit our site:

  • Corporate finance executives and staff members
  • Early-stage or Venture-company executives
  • Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors
  • Fund Investors
  • Students majoring in finance


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Contact US

Send us your query about our services or any other questions you may have, and our expert in charge will reply soon.

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