About JCinus

JCinus provides corporate valuation consulting and M&A advisory.


JCinus Partners is a corporate finance advisory firm based in Manchester UK. Our speciality is cross-border M&A transaction between the UK and South Korea.

Our businesses are ‘corporate valuation consulting‘ and ‘M&A advisory. We provide clients with cross-border solutions with our extensive experience in high-level issues of finance.

For example, if a British company has a profitable business and needs money for growth, we market it to large Korean companies. Finally, we can help raise capital from one of them. Or if a British company wants to sell the stake with management right, we can sell it to one of Korea investors.

On the other hand, if a British company wants to invest or acquire a Korean company to enter the Asian market, we can find a suitable company and provide company acquisition advice.

We have a strong work ethic for our professionalism and give priority to our clients’ interests.



JCinus is also writing a professional M&A blog, providing specialised knowledge and advanced investment tools.


You can increase your sense of investment by learning ‘practices’ and analysing ‘cases’ according to each procedure of the M&A deal process as follows;


Step 1: M&A valuation

  • Valuation is the first step in corporate value-up strategies. It explains using famous companies as examples so that you can apply the methods soon in practice.
  • It shows you how to apply different valuation methods in specific situations, including prior knowledge.
  • Valuation is ultimately performed in Excel. You can download the Excel financial modelling templates to understand the logic.


Step 2: M&A transaction practice (Under developing)

  • You can learn deal sourcing methods, deal process, and due diligence with examples in detail.
  • You will figure out LBO’s (Leveraged Buyout) structure and procedures, accounting for 60% of the M&A markets.


Step 3: PMI (Post-Merger Integration) (Under developing)

  • Rapid integration after M&A is essential for successful corporate value enhancement.
  • Examine the success factors of PMI and learn the three-step integration process.
  • A sample of ‘PMI reports’ makes it easy to understand the integration process’s big picture.


Step 4: Investment analysis and M&A case study (Under developing)

  • Investment Report: You will learn investment analysis methodology and report writing to improve ROI (Return On Investment).
  • M&A case studies: Analyse the case analysis of the famous M&A deals and identify their success factors.
  • Valuation Excel financial model: Learn how financial specialists value firms using the elaborate Excel templates.


Step 5: M&A networking (Under developing)

  • You can share your M&A deal information privately or publicly through emails or messages among registered members.
  • Registered members can play either buy-side or sell-side role by using the ‘Deal Board’.


The following types of professionals visit our site:

  • Corporate finance executives and staff members
  • Early-stage or Venture-company executives
  • Investment Bankers and M&A Advisors
  • Fund Investors
  • Students majoring in finance



JCinus Partners Ltd

Registered in England and Wales with company number 12628637